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Resources included below:

  • One-page report formats
  • Y6 Reading SATs PPT explaining the question types
  • Year 6 Officially Marked 2019 SATs Reading Exam Scripts (downloaded from Primary Assessment Gateway)
  • Year 6 Grammar Revision Pack (useful for pupils for revision and teachers for improving subject knowledge)
  • Year 6 Maths SATs Language Analysis (a breakdown of recurring terms and what they suggest for pupils to do)
  • Year 6 Arithmetic Paper with Mistakes (A task to build fluency in pupils as they discuss where the learner has gone right or wrong)
  • Year 4 Subordinate Clauses Interview Lesson

One-Page Report Formats

For more info on these, please see

Year 6 Reading PPT Explaining Question Types

This PowerPoint takes children through the different questions they may get in the reading SATs test and suggests tips for tackling them.

Year 6 2019 Reading Exam Scripts

Below, you will find 6 test scripts with scores between 45-48 out of 50. There is a preview of each script and a download button underneath each preview. These scripts may be useful to show your Year 6 class what makes a correct/incorrect answer and how to approach questions generally. The children were taught to try and be concise in their answers.

Grammar Revision Pack

A revision pack for Year 6 pupils, but also useful for subject knowledge for teachers and English Leads as it points out many test tips for the Year 6 Grammar SATs paper. While subject knowledge may extend further than what is laid out in the pack, it is aimed at children and specifically the grammar paper so extraneous detail is omitted:

Maths SATs Language Breakdown

This is a breakdown of the language used in the KS2 Maths SATs to help children better comprehend and understand the questions they will face in their tests. It was made from an analysis I did of previous tests (2015 sample, 2016, 2017 and 2018).

It follows the format of introducing a term, then asking children to use the tips they’ve learnt to solve a question using the same term.

This includes two files below: a PowerPoint (to use in the classroom with the children) and a PDF (should you want to share it in staff meetings, INSETs etc). You can view the PDF below before downloading.

Year 6 Arithmetic Paper with Mistakes

This activity is designed for children to spot the errors made in answering each type of question. I find it works best giving children a copy between two (the one without the correct answers in black ink) and getting children to discuss with their partner. Tell them at the start that some questions have been answered correctly. Where they are answered correctly, some demonstrate fluency (ask children how) and others could have been solved with a more efficient method (ask children how).

There are three files: guidance on how to use them, children’s copy of the test (without the answers) and teacher copy with the answers.

Year 4 Grammar Interview Lesson

This is by no means perfect, but can serve as a starting point, rather than having to make a lesson from scratch yourself. This lesson was planned to last around 30 minutes. There are notes under each slide to explain the thinking behind each slide.