Where Do Classroom Tasks Fail? Part Three

Part one looked at the constructivist teaching fallacy and poor proxies for learning. Part two looked at the twin sins of curriculum design and mathemathantic effects. Part three will look at challenge-by-choice, anachronistic tasks and tasks that do not match their instructional intentions. Challenge-by-choice For those unfamiliar, challenge-by-choice refers to task-based differentiation, whereby the learnerContinue reading “Where Do Classroom Tasks Fail? Part Three”

Task Design Series

What is Task Design and why is it important? What is the purpose of a learning task? How can a teacher’s view of learning influence the tasks they design? Planning lessons backwards Why not plan forwards? Designing Tasks to Support Long-Term Memory Where Do Classroom Tasks Fail? Part One Where Do Classroom Tasks Fail? Part Two

Leading Teacher Development

Teacher development, and the leadership of it, is a hot topic at the moment. It is therefore worth pausing to ask ourselves, ‘what is teacher development’? And ‘how should we lead it’? Teacher Development The NPQ Framework for Leading Teacher Development states that teacher development, “is likely to involve a lasting change in teachers’ capabilitiesContinue reading “Leading Teacher Development”

One-Page Report Formats

Reports are something we often overcomplicate. With the desire of personalising each and every one, we inadvertently add to teacher workload. My argument is that parents are already well aware of how their child has progressed this year because of parents’ evenings, mini reports, informal conversations and however else a school chooses to communicate regularlyContinue reading “One-Page Report Formats”


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