One-Page Report Formats

Reports are something we often overcomplicate. With the desire of personalising each and every one, we inadvertently add to teacher workload. My argument is that parents are already well aware of how their child has progressed this year because of parents’ evenings, mini reports, informal conversations and however else a school chooses to communicate regularly with parents.

With that in mind, I aimed to reduce our reports to include the bare minimum, while still retaining the personal element we want for every pupil. Apart from Reception, all year groups could be condensed down to fit on a single page, as shown below. All year groups can be downloaded from my resources page for free.

Example of a one-pager for Y4:

Find all of the one-page formats here –

Here are the requirements for reporting to parents –

My template was inspired in part by the format made by Michael Tidd (

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